We work for FREE, make the easy links to can help people to enjoy by shortening for easy use, save time and prevent errors when exchanging data with other people, we support QR code for a short link to contact other people by using a mobile phone, we providing API to connect your applications with our platform. we provide deep statistics for the short links with many views. you can register or not but without register functions will be limited - RLNK.US

URL Shortener

Add more value to your links, for work or social media links, keep your favorite video or music in a short link under one name "RLNK.US"

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Easy Integration

Easy integration with any remote application throw JSON API, you can add, update, delete, export, and the statics to your links by integrating with your applications securely.

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Support QrCode

We support QR code with every shortened link, you can download or host in servers with the same shortened name and can send it to other people to easy connected

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Digital Cards

Create your Digital Cards for your work, personal, friends to share, exchange throw social media and QRcode with simple tools and responsive

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Overall Statistics

Overall Statistics to monitor your link to know what target market for your business and from where you can start

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Short Link Statistics

Short Link Statistics to track your links to know what best place to share your short link and which device type most use

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Why Us?

We offer free services to make the challenge for making this kind of services is better and faster than any other services providers in the same field, We promise to provide the best services by using good internet providers and good security, We hope you support us by using our services. thank you

We use a new way for redirect we call smart redirect that can use a short for many URL by attaching your query string, paths to short link
We use the newest technology for redirect with help from the biggest Content Delivery Network (CDN) companies throw the internet that has world wide branches.
Our partners for success are our software engineers, they are always ready to give support and help to develop our services to keep it always best services
We provide Chrome Extension to create short by easy way from any link inside any website page without login to your account only provide your API key
Install > Rlnk.us - Chrome Web Store
Install > Rlnk.us - Google App Store